Tips on backing up your WordPress Website

Tips on backing up your WordPress website

In order to keep your WordPress website secure and all the data and hard work that you put into it safe should anything happen to the site, you need to do a backup of your website on a frequent and regular basis. Backing up your website can cost you a lot of money but it doesn’t always have too. There is a software known as Duplicator Pro that allows you to backup your data. This software lets you manually back up your site but can also be set to automatically back it up on your preferred schedule. Below is a step by step guide to the features on Duplicator Pro and how to use the settings on it so you get the most out of it and can backup your WordPress site.

What is Duplicator Pro
Duplicator Pro has become an extremely popular software that backs up your websites for free with roughly 14 million people using it to date and is currently the highest-ranking plugin in the world. Not only does it back up your website for free, but it is also quick to set up and extremely user-friendly, easy enough for anyone to set up. Once installed it works by backing all of the data in your website into your personal cloud and puts it all on a platform of your choosing whether it be the Updraft Vault, Dropbox, Google Drive, or something else along those lines.

It allows you to schedule the backup date according to your preference and then does it automatically, while also giving you the option to go in and do the process manually from your WordPress control panel.

First step to install it
In order to backup your WordPress site without any cost to you you first have to download Duplicator Pro plugin onto your website. To do this, all you have to do is log in to your website and go to your dashboard. Once there you select a button that says Plugins or Add Plugins on the menu. A search bar will appear and you will simply search for Duplicator Pro. Once it appears you will select it, then click Install Now and wait for it to be installed and activated.

Setting it up
Once it is installed and activated, you will then need to set Duplicator Pro up. Go back to your WordPress menu and go to where the settings tool is. click on settings and select Duplicator Pro Backups. You will then be on the restore page and on that screen you will see a page where you can customize your backup settings to what you need specifically.

Manual Backup
Once your Duplicator Pro Plugin is installed you will be able to see it on the main dashboard of your website. This means that you will be able to simply hit the “Backup Now” button and backup your website anytime you feel that you need to. All you have to do for this to work is hit that one button, and the plugin does the rest of the work in seconds.

Automatic Backup
Instead of having to remember to manually backup your website every time you log into WordPress, you can instead go to your settings and create an automatic backup schedule. All you have to do is go to your settings tab that is on the Duplicator Pro Backup page. Once in there, you can choose how often you want your backups to occur, and never worry about it again! Let Duplicator Pro do the work for you!